The Issue; World Hunger

Struggling to feed our mouths has been an issue ever since the beginning of humankind except now, there are more starving people than ever. There is enough food on Earth to feed all of its inhabitants yet world hunger still prevails. It is survival of the fittest for us humans and we will do whatever it takes to put food to our mouths and discard the waste when we’re full. There are two sides of the coin, those who have more than enough food to eat and those who have none and struggle to find a stomach’s full of food each day. Those of us who have more than enough food output an enormous amount of waste. Those who have no food do whatever it takes to get food, even if it means scavenging the waste from those who are done with theirs. World hunger can be examined through the processes of nutrition, food waste, and waste management and is an issue for humankind that requires a solution.

My emphasis on World Hunger focused on waste management throughout the world. How we dispose of our waste is key in managing our resources. How renewable our waste can be and the methods of reusing our resources determines our efficiency. Currently the globe is running highly inefficient in managing our waste and is pressing the requirement for a solution.

View my team’s World Hunger project here:


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