Persuasive Media: New Genesis Replaces Daddy!

In today’s world we the people are constantly bombarded with thousands of pieces of persuasive media daily, and with such a prominent presence, returns a prominent affect on our decision making process when in the market. Today, there are more accidents and emergencies global wide than ever before. When we were children remember how daddy used to always be there to save the day? Well Hyundai’s new 2014 Genesis commercial that aired on Super Bowl Sunday deliver’s the message that Dad isn’t always there to save the day, but your new auto emergency braking Genesis is. However, this is a false cause. Consequences in reality are that the new Genesis is a car, and anyone who decides to drive a car assumes all risk and responsibility of driving. Hyundai’s commercial juxtaposes many feelings and logistics that provoke and persuade you to buy their new model car.

2015 Genesis Sedan

First off the commercial first aired on Super Bowl Sunday, so appealing to association and anyone on the bandwagon: any dad, anyone who likes football, anyone who likes cars or Hyundais, any family member or anyone who would cares about kids, anyone found to be drawn in by the commercial, or basically anyone who watched the largest telecast game of the year, totaling to 111.5 million viewers would have seen the airing (E! Online). We could definitely say appealing to Kairos fallacy, the right place, right time is highly relevant.

The commercial starts out with no narrative but has Bruno Mars’, “You can count on me,” song playing immediately appealing to pathos, inspiring a warm, comforting and uplifting advertisement. As the commercial plays it displays different dads each saving their children from out of harms way and/or taking the hit for them, thoroughly drawing you in emotionally to by watching their actions. The climax of the commercial depicts a younger boy driving the new Genesis with his dad. He takes his eyes off the road to catch the eye of a beautiful girl staring back at him, linking the hero to the journey, meeting with the goddess and also implying that beautiful people will look at you if you drive the new Genesis. The car in front of the boy then pulls out and the Genesis brakes automatically, thus bringing in the only words spoken by the narrative, “Remember when only dad could save the day? Auto emergency braking, on the all new Genesis. From Hundai,” and prompts the brand identity and cuts off. —

Hyundai’s impact on society is pretty well delivered to impose that anyone without the new Genesis is just like a kid without daddy, both appealing to insecurity and emotion to promote sales profit. They do a good job at marketing  because this conclusion also appeals to logos: You aren’t safe without the auto emergency braking, therefore you should buy a new Genesis. All the while the commercial appeals to ethos too, Hyundai’s credibility: Having good images of Dads saving the day and any previous knowledge of Hyundai is positively affected by their delivery of the commercial. The fundamental impacts the commercial has had we know has already affected over 111 million people but, “Market researcher InsightExpress found that 25 percent of viewers would access the Web to see some of the ads (Strategic Sport Communication). And on youtube the view count for the official commercial is up to 7.3 million views and a compilation of super bowl ads with it is right under 2 million in just a month (YouTube).

If I were to better the commercial, I would reconstruct a visual with Jesus, posing as daddy and reaching out to help anyone without the new Genesis. Yes Dad can be pretty good to save the day, but what about the son of God? I would feel pretty confident reaching out and taking his hand.

Screenshot 2014-03-02 22.53.06

Overall, Hyundai’s commercial is one of many, superimposing pieces of persuasive media the global industry spends $500+ billion on in 2013 alone, and is “gaining momentum,” (Johnson).

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